MISSION: Through a cross-cultural lens, Shark Eat Muffin Theatre Company professionally explores new works of theatre as well as modern and Classic plays with fresh and Innovative Initiatives.

VISION: To bring together a global community of writers and theatre makers, working to create thought-provoking performances for both local/international audiences and touring. We shall form relationships and mentorships between countries by exchanging ideas, people and art. We will provide our audience with the opportunity to witness top-notch performances from around the world without leaving the comfort of their own city.

HISTORY:  Shark Eat Muffin Theatre Company has been in the works for many years. As Artistic Director, Catie O’Keefe, left Lewis & Clark College in 2004 as a bright eyed theatre major ready for action, she began to develop the initial steps for creating a theatre company. Two years later she moved to London, England to pursue a Masters Degree in Playwriting. From this experience and the hundreds of plays she saw in London and abroad she started to clarify the ideas behind the future company.  What would it look like?  Who would be a part?  What would the mission be?

The company’s original name was Muffin Top Theatre Company, but the name didn’t stick and after four years in London, Catie found herself in Cincinnati Ohio where she has become a part of a number of theatre communities. Finally Shark Eat Muffin came about and was ready to go public. Eight years after the idea, the company was born.

GOALS: Shark Eat Muffin’s primary goal is to promote one-of-a-kind theatre that builds bridges between different groups, whether separated by theatre experience, geographical limitations or class. We do this by exploring the paths of many up-and-coming writers, bringing in seasoned professionals to help develop the craft, and promoting the collaboration of international groups. We represent diverse communities, such as Cincinnati, Cleveland, New York, London and beyond and we want wherever we may be to be exposed to a wide range of great theatre. We don’t want money or mainstream ideas to control the creative performance, but rather to rejuvenate a kind of theatre that sparks discussion. If we can get the audience to engage in conversation about what they’ve just seen, then we’ve done our job.

We hope to present a number of Dangerous yet Savory pieces that will include, new writing, classics, International works, and local works in a wide range of venues and geographic locations.

*The photos of the Emery Theatre (stage and seats) on the main page were taken by and belong to Mikki Schaffner. The other photos (lights and stools) were taken by Catie O’Keefe.