Work in progress…

2014-2015 Season is a time for growth and exploration. We are expanding on a number of projects and hope to have two full productions released in Fall of 2015.

New York, NY: Fantasies and Nightmares

IMG_0998_2Following a 48 hour intensive workshop that took place on May 10-11th 2014 in New York City at the Made in NY Media Center in DUMBO and a staged reading on May 18th 2015 at the TBG Theatre, there will be a full production of Fantasies and Nightmares in Fall 2015.

If you would like to join us at the Staged Reading please contact us at before May 18th at 12pm EST to be added to the guest list.

Obsession is a dangerous thing. It creeps into our lives without a whisper of warning.

 Ralph remembers his high school crush on Sally. But perhaps that’s not all he recalls. Inspired by a dream, his feelings for her reignite. He finds her online and soon enough, she stretches into the four corners of his monotonous working days. She consumes his every thought and he cannot rest.

 Adamant that their meeting again would prompt ‘their moment’, he plans a wine and cheese party. In her honor. The obligatory Facebook event is created. And as he is provoked and cautioned in varying measure, by co-worker Micky, Ralph drifts into dangerous territory.

 Meanwhile, Ralph’s wife Deb is eternally preoccupied, finding solace from her distant husband by caring for a bird with a broken wing. Deb is holding out hope that the impending soiree will jump start things at home, especially given their son’s recent absence.

 Ralph is jolted through fantasy and nightmare; shutting out reality in favor of what a new fate might hold for him. Meanwhile, those around him are grappling with their own lives and plotting escape. What happens when no space remains between the real and imagined? Where can you go and who is there left to blame?

Portland, OR: Flight 212

11021045_10102158091943296_7754492805957933454_nThis show was specifically written for Puppeteer Anna Cosper, Catie O’Keefe and puppet Ben, to perform in Cleveland at Cleveland Public Theatre’s 2014 Pandemonium fundraiser.  It then traveled to Cincinnati to be part of the South Asian Theatre Festival and on Feb. 13-14 2015 the show took another adventure to Portland, OR to be part of the Beady Little Eyes puppetry slam at Imago Theatre.

This play follows the short, sweet and intense relationship between a man and woman who meet on an airplane. Overhead projector slides accompany the play illustrated by Anna Cosper.


Cleveland, OH: Space

10355439_850536031645579_8219183495529193772_oCo-production with Ohio City Theatre Project regarding… “Space”.  Watch this one (this space) for more information coming soon. Production in Fall 2015 in Cleveland, OH.